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Omg...I LOVE this buttercream frosting recipe.  I forced myself to get over the egg phobia and make it.  I've been eating for two days straight and so far I'm ok.  I'll continue to eat it to make sure though :)  
Buttercream Frosting
I got this recipe from, the website I use a lot because I love to read the feedback from the people who have tried the recipes.  This one is truly as good as everyone claimed.  Great texture, easy to use, the flavor is AWESOME...If it's too thick just add a bit of milk, or if it's too thin, add more powdered sugar.  I melted it and dipped the dome's of the cupcakes into it, which creates a smooth, glossy finish.  The great thing is, even after melting it, you can re-whip it and get it right back into it's original consistency.