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Happy Easter everyone!  What a fun holiday.  I love all the cute bunnies and baby chics I see, whether they're candy, stuffed animals, or on a card....This year I was pretty busy making cupcakes for a birthday party, but I still managed to make a batch of some cute Easter cupcakes.
Easter Cupcakes
The toppers are candy ring suckers I found a while back at the Dollar Tree, and I knew I had to do something with them for Easter....They're so cute and such an easy way to make simple cupcakes look super cute : )

- Adorable Easter Cupcakes -

I just love these Easter themed cupcake toppers!!  What a great project for the kids to help with.  I ran across this when I was looking online for Easter cupcake inspirations. 
The website is called "Cupcakes Take The Cake," and  is written by some delightful, cupcake lovin' ladies in New York. This site has links to so many other great cupcake blogs that my head literally spins when I puruse through it!  The photography is beatuiful and the content is always updated and fresh.  I highly recommend you check it out....Be prepared to lose an hour of your life though!  Lol...;There is no way of not getting sucked into that site.  

It's time to think about making Easter goodies...I'm planning on making up a batch of lil' chic Cake-Pops.  I love these adorabe, bite sized, creations.  Never had one?   Check out this link from:  This website has tons of great info and I've looked to it for inspiration more than once.  Thank you!!! 

Here is another cake pop tutorial, this time from Wilton.  Check it out.