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I had to share these beautiful pictures by Daria Bishop, a Vermont photographer, for her daughter’s 12th birthday.    
These cupcakes are absolutely creative!  I'm dying to replicate this.  Anyone have a birthday coming up?  Thanks to Half Baked - The Cake Blog, for sharing!
Here is a brief, but helpful, video for all you cake do-it-yourselfers :)  I will say that while the host of this video does get right to the point and provides good instructions, she isn't the most dynamic speaker I've ever seen.  But regardless, I like that it's a shorter video, and it's pretty straightforward.
I made these cupcakes this last week, along with the Easter cupcakes.  On the left side of the picture is a Cheesecake with Apricot sauce, topped with Whipped Cream Frosting.  On the right is a Chocolate Butterscotch Cupcake with Butterscotch Butter Cream Frosting, drizzled with Caramel Sauce.  Not to toot my own horn or anything (smile), but these were absolutely awesome.  I'm going to add the recipes soon, so check back.   
Apricot cheesecake and Chocolate butterscotch cupcakes
Happy Easter everyone!  What a fun holiday.  I love all the cute bunnies and baby chics I see, whether they're candy, stuffed animals, or on a card....This year I was pretty busy making cupcakes for a birthday party, but I still managed to make a batch of some cute Easter cupcakes.
Easter Cupcakes
The toppers are candy ring suckers I found a while back at the Dollar Tree, and I knew I had to do something with them for Easter....They're so cute and such an easy way to make simple cupcakes look super cute : )
This week I made the Strawberry Cake recipe I have listed on my website.  It's an easy, quick recipe and it's pretty darn yummy.  I like to use a homemade whipped cream frosting with it, maybe decorate with some fresh strawberries : )
Strawberry Cake recipe
This last week has been all about cake pops....I love these little guys....I used the recipes that I have listed on my website for the  cake pops below:
- Easy Coconut Cream Cake 
Chocolate Cake
-Vanilla Chai cupcakes
Cake pops salem oregon
cute cake pops
cake pops display

- Cake Pops....Once, twice, Sold! -

Today was a fun day in Portland, OR.  I was asked to donate a cake creation to The Hawthorne Family Playschool auction, so of course I said yes....My niece India goes there, so I couldn't say no : )  Anyway, I  made 3 different flavors of cake pops:  Chai tea latte cake w/a white chocolate coating, chocolate cake rolled in crushed mint cookie, and coconut cream w/ a white chocolate coating.  Here is a picture of the final product at the event.  
Cake pops in display by Jenny Black

- Adorable Easter Cupcakes -

I just love these Easter themed cupcake toppers!!  What a great project for the kids to help with.  I ran across this when I was looking online for Easter cupcake inspirations. 
The website is called "Cupcakes Take The Cake," and  is written by some delightful, cupcake lovin' ladies in New York. This site has links to so many other great cupcake blogs that my head literally spins when I puruse through it!  The photography is beatuiful and the content is always updated and fresh.  I highly recommend you check it out....Be prepared to lose an hour of your life though!  Lol...;There is no way of not getting sucked into that site.  
I recently made one of my favorite type of cake - A fondant covered, scuplted purse cake!  So much fun :)
I just have to say:  I made a boxed (gasp!) pineapple cake...and it was delicious ; )  I ate about half of it straight out of the pan.  Lol.