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-Behind The Scenes of a Cake Kitchen-

I get a lot of questions about how I've decorated my cakes, especially the cakes made with fondant.  I thought I'd do a little "behind the scenes" action, to show some of the different elements that go into making a specialty cake.
Here, I'm adding slices of black fondant to create a zebra print.
Home Made Marshmallow Fondant
Here is what fondant starts out as....A blob of sweet play dough, basically.
Fondant ribbon cake toppers
These are the individual parts that go together to create a ribbon for the top of a cake. While they dry I move on to another of the cake.
Covering a cake in fondant
Here is a cake in the process of being covered with fondant.
These are curlycue's I make with fondant. I'll poke them up out of a ribbon or something like They look really cute though.
This is the beginning phase of a purse cake. I'm almost done smoothing the fondant over the sculpted cake.
Fondant decorations
Here are all the different parts that go on the cake below to create the circles and dots.
Decorating fondant cake
Now I'm just placing the different circles on the cake.
This is my 9 year old daughter, decorating cupcakes with gum paste flowers. She's very good at it and does a lot of flowers for me when I'm in a crunch.
Gum Paste Flowers
Gum Paste flowers drying...
Gum Paste Flowers
Here are some more gum paste flowers drying...In the picture you can see a shaping tool, a dusting bag filled with corn starch that keeps the gum paste from sticking, a rollers, and a bunch of flower stamens
Raspberry Cake Filling
Filling cake layers with fresh strawberry puree
In order to get nice, flat, cakes, the tops have to be cut off....and eaten!
Brownie Cupcakes
Here are some brownie cupcakes cooling...
5/31/2011 11:22:09

Once you want to do it better, you can set your effort to it , and do not think more about the fail. Be confidence to yourself.

12/3/2011 11:07:43

Looks like you really enjoy cake decorating. I think that is great.


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